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» X-tee inquiry portal

It is possible to check on your personal data in various national databases through the X-tee inquiry portal at  portal  and to use the services provided by the registers.

- In order to register yourself for an exam or check on your data, you should access the National Examination and Qualification Centre after entering the X-tee inquiry portal.
- To register for the Estonian language exam, click on “Eesti keele eksamile registreerimine”. This will open a page where you can view and check on your contact data. If you want to receive notices regarding any changes to your data, check the e-notification box. In this case, an e-mail address should be provided.
- When the contact data has been checked, the user should click on “Salvesta andmed” to save the data.
- After the data has been saved, the registration page will open and the user should fill out the fields concerning his or her job, professional status and education.
- Next, the user should choose the level of the exam and select the time and place they wish to take the exam. Only those exams which are available for registration will be displayed.
If the registration period for an exam is still valid, but it is not displayed, the exam group has reached its capacity. In this case, another time or place should be chosen for taking the exam.
- After selecting the level, time and place of the exam, the user should specify whether they wish to receive consultation. The user should also choose whether the exam notices should be sent to the postal address specified in the contact data or to his or her e-mail address.
- After clicking on the “Salvesta andmed” command, the exam application will be sent to the National Examination and Qualification Centre.
- In order to check if the application was submitted correctly, the user should click on the option “Eesti keele tasemeeksami andmete vaatamine”. The page that opens will display the exams for which the user has registered. Two weeks before the exam takes place, information regarding the exact place and time of the exam and the consultation will be available on the same page.

No later than 30 days after the exam, the exam results will be available on the exam data page and the notice regarding the time and place for picking up the certificate. Furthermore, the page contains information regarding examinations that have been taken earlier.

: 30.03.2009