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» Registering for the exam

The Estonian language proficiency examinations are free for everyone.
It is possible to register for the exam in three different ways:
-     using the services of the X-tee inquiry portal on the internet;
-  printing out anapplication from the website of the National Examination and Qualification Centre (, adding a copy of your passport or identity card to the filled-out application, and sending the application and the copy to the National Examination and Qualification Centre;
-      filling out an application at the National Examination and Qualification Centre, adding a copy of your passport or identity card, and giving the documents to the information secretary.
An applicant for citizenship who is unable to take the Estonian language proficiency exam pursuant to the general procedure for health reasons can take these exams to the extent and in the manner permitted by their health. In special cases, the applicant may be exempted from taking the exam.
The corresponding application must be submitted to the National Examination and Qualification Centre in order to be allowed to take the exam according to simplified procedure.
The decision regarding to what extent and how the applicant for citizenship must take the Estonian language exam, or whether the applicant is exempt will be made by an expert committee. The committee may decide to reject the application or to accede to the application in full or in part.
If the expert committee decides to partially exempt the applicant from taking the exam, the decision of the expert committee must be attached to the exam application and the copy of the identity card.
If you wish to take both the Estonian language exam and the exam on the knowledge of the law, two separate applications must be filled out and submitted together with copies of your passport or identity card.
Registration for the Estonian language exam ends on the first day of the month preceding the exam, for example, the registration for the exam in October ends on September 1.

: 28.10.2009
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