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» Compensation of language study expenses

Money spent on studying Estonian will be refunded if the following conditions are met:
-      the applicant is not an Estonian citizen;
-      the applicant has passed both the Estonian language exam and the knowledge of the law exam;
-      the educational and training institution that conducted the Estonian language instruction has been issued an education license by the Ministry of Education and Research.
In order to get back the money spent on Estonian language studies, the person who has passed the exams must submit the corresponding application to the National Examination and Qualification Centre within 3 months of passing the last exam. The application form is available on the National Examination and Qualification Centre website and the offices and contact points of the Centre. A copy of the applicant’s passport or identity card must be attached to the application along with the original document proving the payment of the tuition fee, or a copy with the confirmation of the language training company.
Up to 6,000 EEK of the money spent on language training is refundable.
The state compensation can be applied for only once. The compensation will be paid to the bank account indicated in the application within two months.
 Compensation is paid only for Estonian language studies.

: 13.02.2009
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