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» Raising the Qualifications of General Education Teachers 2008-2014

The purpose of the ESF programme “Raising the Qualifications of General Education Teachers 2008-2014” is to create conditions that would support the professional development and activity of general education teachers throughout their careers.

The programme activities will support the professional development of teachers; teachers will be involved in developing the field of teacher education through cooperation networks; a system for evaluating the qualification of applicants for professional teaching certification will be developed; and the quality of teachers’ primary education and in-service training will improve.

The programme target group includes teachers from pre-school children’s institutions, basic schools and upper secondary schools, teachers who teach general educational subjects in professional education; teachers seeking professional certification; speech therapists, school psychologists, hospital teachers, and heads of educational institutions; operators of educational establishments and education specialists at local governments, among others.

The competence and motivation of teachers affects the quality of education. Importance is placed on skill in teaching one’s subject, integrating the content of the material studied, fulfilling the role of instructor and shaper of academic skills, role of team member and leader, and evaluating and planning one’s professional development. Primary education and in-service training for teachers needs to be modernized as schools need more young, qualified teachers. Professional and specialized cooperative networks help spread the best experiences, support methodological and subject-based didactic development activity.

Primary programme activities:
1. Mapping the professional profiles of teachers.
2. Standardizing and implementing methods for professional self-evaluation.
3. Developing and implementing the consultation system necessary for shaping professional development.
4. Developing criteria for the quality of in-service training for general education teachers, ordering and organizing training.
5. Developing and implementing the competency model for heads of educational institutions.
6. Supporting teachers’ professional and specialized cooperation networks.
7. Developing and distributing materials needed for applying for teacher certification.

The programme for improving the qualification of general education teachers is being implemented by the National Examination and Qualification Centre. The total cost of the programme is 35 million kroons, and the programme is funded by the Estonian government and the European Social Fund.

For more information, contact: programme manager Keiu Tamm, tel 7350 711, e-mail:
assistant to the programme manager Karin Kuldmets, tel 7350719, e-mail:
content coordinator Elve Kukk, tel 7350691, e-mail:

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