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To graduate from basic school, pupils are required to take three examinations: 1) depending on the language of instruction at their school, either in Estonian language and literature or in Estonian as a second language, 2) mathematics, and 3) one elective examination in a subject selected by the student. The elective examination may be selected from among the following subjects: English, German, Russian as a foreign language, French, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, history, civic studies and Russian language and literature.

Final examination questions () are prepared by the National Examination and Qualification Centre. The examinations are identical for all schools in Estonia and held simultaneously. Examinations take place in the first half of June. Examinations are organized and examination work assessed by final examination committees at the schools. The quality of the scoring is also analyzed at random and feedback is provided.

All basic school graduates are eligible to take final examinations. Basic school final examinations begin at 10am and the examination must be completed within the allotted amount of time, ranging from two to three hours.

For pupils studying at schools with a language of instruction other than Estonian, the final examination in Estonian as a foreign language is integrated with the B1-level examination in Estonian. A basic school graduate who is seeking Estonian citizenship and opts to take the civic studies final examination may take, as a supplement to the civics examination, the examination on knowledge of the Estonian Constitution and the Citizenship Act and this will be counted toward satisfying the requirements of the application for citizenship.

: 06.11.2009